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Our Managing director Managing Director Mr. MS. Hariharan. after finishing his Graduation in B.A Economics in Loyola college and passed out in the year 2001 batch.Later he did his Masters in Business Administration in Madras University. He has also undergone lot of training program in CIVIL CONSTRUCTION & Quality control in civil. He is also fellow member of the Builders Association of India (Southern Center) With the growing demand in the Residential sector he took forward and rebranded the company name as "AMPLE PROPERTIES PVT LTD" today we have entered our 7th glorious year and have completed nearly one lakh sq.ft.

The Company Stepped On The Path To Glory In The Year Of 1978

We in Ample Properties Pvt. Ltd. have kept the demand in mind and targeted people who want close knit relationships, striving to live a life in peace and tranquility embedded in the hemisphere of culture and bonding. We have a strong team of passionate members comprising of well trained professionals, who have taken the company to greater heights. The team has been relentlessly contributing its best day in and day out to give an experience of lifetime. The number of satisfied and delighted customers has given immense support and strength to move ahead and come up with new projects.

The number of satisfied and delighted customers has given immense support and strength to move ahead and come up with new projects. Today, we are committed to delivering exceptional project performance to ensure the success of our clients, as well as growing the most capable people in the industry. The high standards we set for ourselves in striving to exceed our clients’ expectations is evident in our ever growing customer base. As we look back with pride on the successful events of Ample Properties Pvt. Ltd.’s past, we remain keenly aware that the challenges and accomplishments to come will further define the fundamental character of our Company. We eagerly look forward to building that future as we continue to challenge ourselves to become and remain the very best in the business.

Why Us

Our procedural steps from the stage of planning to completion are designed in a perfect and systematic mode and it is followed strictly by all sections of our staff. Our progressive course of action begins, continues and concludes with formal practice but exceptional care. Every step of authentication from the corporate bureau to local bodies.Beyond the normal practice with forethought and future sensing.

We recognise money as the life-blood that nourishes every business – and in looking after its health and flow, we do not discriminate between our money and the customer's. This shows at every level of our functioning: getting the maximum mileage out of your rupee is our goal, be it in terms of the transactions through which we acquire plots for construction, the quality of building material, the skill of the personnel or the finish of the interiors.


Our Vision

To spread the importance and awareness of eco-friendly homes to nuke and corner of people and accomplish a track record of building extremely classic and modern green homes along with attaining customer satisfaction and maintaining customer relationship.


Our Mission

Building trendy eco-friendly homes with feasible, customized designs for all categories of people, particularly who are economically low and forwarding, and which will also be budget-friendly, pollution-free ensuring implementation of quality techniques in construction and supporting Go Green revolution.

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We Build Your Dream Home !

We at Ample in chennai give not just the shape, form and color to the home; we give life to your dream that is your home. Ample specializes in building durable and affordable customized homes with quality construction materials and professional construction process.

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Ample takes safety and security very seriously. All of our projects are designed and built to meet the highest safety standards.


We source our materials by ourself and we have a strict quality control process in place.


Ample use the latest construction techniques and we have a team of experienced builders who are committed to delivering high-quality work.

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